Barbie Fashionistas: Va Va Violet and Denim Floral (#83)


Barbie has made a lot of positive changes recently – more diversity, different body types, and emphasizing different interests and careers.  These are the Barbies I would have loved as a kid!  The Fashionista line in particular seems focused on putting out all kinds of dolls, so people can hopefully have relatable options.


Va-Va Violet caught my interest straightaway, due to her fabulous violet hair. However, as you can probably see in the photo, we’re going to have to talk about the problems with her hair. Notice that it looks clumpy and strange in the box.


We found Violet to be very inexpensive on Amazon, and I as super excited for her to arrive, so the hair problem was quite disappointing. After going through multiple Amazon returns, it became clear that it was a problem for Violets in general and I dived into the world of Barbie hair care on the Internet.

This is Violet, directly out of the box.  At this point, I also realized that I needed a stand to help her stay upright.  Poor Violet!


By the way, the back of her box shows all the Barbies in this release of Fashionistas.


But, back to Violet’s hair. After un-boxing her, I could feel a mysterious sticky substance in her hair. According to an internet search and reading some discussions on the Facebook Barbie collectors group, it seems that the cause is that there is a glue in her head that melts and leaks into her hair. The result is hair that feels crusty yet simultaneously sticky.  It’s horrible. I tried brushing, and while that did help a bit, it also seemed to be spreading the stickiness about.  Not good.


There was a suggestion via Facebook to rub organic butter into her hair to break down the stickiness, then wash give her a shampoo.  This worked really well (it did take multiple washings but you could see a bit of improvement each time).

Here she is, de-clumped!  It’s a major improvement and I was thrilled to be able to repair this problem.   I really wasn’t not at all sure it would be fixable.


She looks much happier!


Next is Fashionista #83, also known as Denim Floral Thank you Holly, for the name info!.


She comes with some accessories and an extra outfit. I got her with the idea of sharing some clothing with Violet, because I wasn’t too excited about Violet’s skirt situation. #83 is from a different release of Fashionistas, so there are different Barbies to see on the back of her box.


This Barbie looks great out of her box! Thankfully, there were no sticky hair issues.


Although, she did have some “hat hair”, which was greatly improved with some brushing.


Barbie opted for her plaid dress and, because they are already best friends, kindly offered to loan her jeans to Violet. While I was in the process of cleaning Violet’s hair, the doll stands arrived! I’m very happy to be able to stand them up, since previously they were forced to awkwardly lean against the back of the photo box.


Thank you for reading!



Monster High: Lorna McNessie


Hello! I’m very pleased to have finally gotten round to creating a space to post photos of my doll and toy collection. I have quite a lot of catching up to do!

Lorna 1

I chose Lorna McNessie to unbox for my first post here.  She is one of my favorite monsters, but she also needed a bit of help, as her poor arm had fallen off in her box! .

Lorna 3

She came brand new from Amazon, so not sure what sort of adventure led to this.  I considered sending her back, but since I had always planned to unbox her and it looked like an easy fix, I wanted to keep her.  I got attached to her straightaway and would have felt badly about exchanging her.

Lorna 2

The back of the box has some biographical information about the character.

Lorna 6

Thankfully, her arm went right back into place, though it does not seem to move quite as well as her other arm.  Lorna comes with her stand, passport, bag, and hair brush.   The passport contains a fun story about how Lorna, daughter of the Loch Ness Monster, comes to Monster High as part of an exchange student program.   The story also includes some very funny bits about how she loves to photo bomb and can’t resist whenever she notices that someone is about to take a photograph!  One of the reasons I love Monster High is because of the folklore connection, so I really love these details.   It’s very cute and endearing, not only to Lorna herself, but her entire sea monster family.
Lorna 7

One of Lorna’s best features is her wild, red curly hair.

Lorna 8

Other fun aspects of Lorna are her sea monster features (tail, scales, fins, fangs, webbed hands) and her lovely blue coloring.  If you look closely at her hair, you will see she is wearing a tartan hat.  Lorna’s outfit is one of my favorites:  her skirt has a Loch Ness Monster theme.

Thanks for reading!  There is more information about Lorna on the Monster High site and the Monster High fandom wiki.

Lorna 4