Barbie – Fashion Fever Outfits



This is a quick update to add photos of some fashion packs that I recently purchased from ebay.

A lot of times, I like a doll, but am not so excited about her outfit.  So, I wanted to gather some extra options for re-dressing and variety.   My favorite clothing is usually jeans, hoodies, and t shirts and I was able to find a lot of those items in the Fashion Fever line.

The sets are older, so the packaging was a bit tatty, which is fine since everything got un-boxed.

The set below is great, because there is lots of casual wear.  Everything fit Campfire Barbie very nicely, except for the pants with the bracers and the shoes.  The bracers were a bit short, so they may better suit a Petite Fashionista or maybe Skipper.  The shoes are made for the high heel molded foot shape.

Fashion Fever 1

I love this vintage looking poncho!

Fashion Fever 3

This last set was a bonus, as it came with one of the other sets.  I think a shirt may have gone missing at some point.  Still, there are lots of fun items here!  Everything in this set fit well, except for the shoes.  Campfire Barbie has the more flat foot style, so she was not able to wear the cool boots.

Fashion Fever 2

I didn’t take photos of Barbie trying out all the clothing, but here she is modeling the poncho outfit.  There is a green tank top to wear underneath and a nice pair of jeans.

Fashion Fever 4

Here’s the poncho!  It looks like a great thrift or vintage shop find.   Sadly, the included shoes from this set didn’t work either, but there is a very nice looking purse for Barbie to console herself with.

Overall, I really like all these outfits!  It’s nice to have all sorts of re-dressing options.  I’ll have to seek out some extra curvy, petite, and tall outfits in future.

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Fashion Fever 5


Game Designer Barbie and Fashionista Ken 18 (Super Stripes)


Meet my two new favorite characters:  Game Designer Barbie and Fashionista Ken 18.  I decided to un-box these two together, because they look like they make a good team.

Game Designer Barbie & Ken Fashionista 18 1

Ken’s box is the usual Fashionista packaging, but Game Designer Barbie’s box is very cool!  She all sorts of fun, nerdy bits at her desk, like a He-Man action figure, retro game controllers, and programing books.  There is even a white board with a flow chart in the picture, and it looks like she’s been eating some takeout while trying to meet a deadline.

Game Designer Barbie & Ken Fashionista 18 2

I named her Ada, in honor of Ada Lovelace, and Ken has been re-named as Steve (after Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs).   My husband is a software engineer and I’ve always had an interest in technology.  We are a fairly nerdy household.  So, Game Designer Barbie is a special favorite.  She even dresses like me! Or, I dress like her…

If you look closely at her shirt, it says control, alt, Barbie.  I would love it if they made this shirt it human sizes.

Game Designer Barbie & Ken Fashionista 18 3

This Ken Fashionista looks fun and personable, like the kind of guy who stays up too late playing video games and wants to recruit new players to his weekly D&D game.  I made him the social media guru in support of the game that Barbie is designing.  He manages the social media and goes out to give game demos, while Barbie adds new features and works out the bugs.

Game Designer Barbie and Ken Fashionista 18 78

Game Designer Barbie comes with headphones, a tablet, and a laptop.  The laptop screen shows her development environment. and she has put some cute stickers on the lid.

Game Designer Barbie & Ken Fashionista 18 4

I love both of their outfits!  As I mentioned before, Barbie is wearing clothing that could have come from my wardrobe and has gorgeous red hair. Ken looks like a big kid at heart. These two have a lot of adventures ahead of them!

Game Designer Barbie and Ken Fashionista 18 7b

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Barbie and Family: Skipper and Boy Babysitter


I’ve un-boxed rather a lot of Barbies lately and am catching up on posting photos.  Skipper, Barbie’s younger sister, is a fun addition to my army of Barbie and Kens.

There are many versions of Skipper.  I have two recent variations.

I don’t know much about the Skipper pictured below, but she is wearing an apron and ready to serve quite a lot of ice cream!

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 5

She comes with a very cute puppy and a number of ice cream related accessories.

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 6

My favorite feature of this particular Skipper is her purple streaked hair.

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 9

She does have some static in her hair.  It calms down when she’s been out of the box for a day or so, but I really need to do some research about how to minimize this.

ISkippper and Boy Babysitter 12

These are all the accessories that are in the box.

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 7

The Skipper pictured below is part of a Barbie film called “Barbie and Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure”.   I’m hoping that it might be available to watch on Netflix or Amazon.

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 3

I love this Skipper’s outfit!  She also comes with a puppy.

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 4

The puppy looks to be winking!

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 10

This version of Skipper has blonde highlights, instead of purple.

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 11

There is a new line of Skippers, with a babysitting theme.  The character below is the lone male in this series.

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 1

He’s not been given a name on the box, but I’ve seen him referred to as “Kevin”, the name of a boyfriend of Skipper’s.

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 2

He seems to be a fairly unique character in the Barbie world, so I was happy to add him to my collection.

Skipper and Boy Babysitter 13

His outfit looks comfortable and casual.  However, it seems unlikely that Mattel will ever put out additional outfits for him, so he will probably miss out on the fun of trying out different clothing.

Skipper and Boy Babysitter 14

His accessories include a bottle, telephone, a snack, a toy, and a list.

Skippper and Boy Babysitter 8

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Skipper and Boy Babysitter 15

Paleontologist Barbie



I recently obtained two variations of Paleontologist Barbies and thought it would be fun to un-box them together.  They are quite different and there are things I like about each version.

This is the older paleontologist.  I love everything about her outfit – except for the pink jacket, which is unfortunately sewn to her very cool dinosaur shirt.  This Barbie has a spade and an array of fossil finds.

Paleontologist Barbie 1

She was made in association with the Smithsonian and there is apparently an iphone app as well.  I need to see if it’s still in the app store.

Paleontologist Barbie 2

The new paleontologist is a bit more simple.  She is wearing a more basic outfit, but her jacket is so much nicer!   I miss the awesome dinosaur shirt though.  Instead of an Indiana Jones style hat, she gets a helmet with a light.  Her make-up is considerably toned done, which seems much more practical to me.  No one wants to be digging in the hot sun, with cosmetics more or less melting off one’s face.  This paleontologist has a brush for carefully cleaning off the fossil she’s found.

Paleontologist Barbie 3

I really love both of the paleontologists, but if I’m honest, I prefer this newer version because she seems much more realistic to me.

Paleontologist Barbie 4

Here is the older paleontologist, un-boxed.  Her fossils are sparkly!  Sadly, her hair is going to need some attention, as it’s suffering from the same glue issue as Va Va Violet.

Paleontologist Barbie 7

Happily, the newer paleontologist has no hair issues.

Paleontologist Barbie 5

The newer version has non bending legs, so she is less pose-able, but very easy to dress.  The older version has bending knees, which is great, but it does mean that clothing does slide on and off as easily, so she is a bit more difficult to re-dress.

Paleontologist Barbie 6

These two make a great team, and are ready to set out on a fossil find expedition!  I love that Mattel has created both of these scientist Barbies.

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Paleontologist Barbie 8

Barbie Signature – Lara Croft from Tomb Raider


Hello!  This is just a quick post to add some photos of the new Lara Croft Barbie.

Tomb Raider 1

After weeks of trying to be patient, Lara finally arrived at Toys R’ Us!   When I got her, Barbies were part of a “buy one, get one 50% off” promotion.  So, if you are looking for her, you might want to check Toys R Us first, in hopes that the sale is still on.

She looks very serous and focused, which I love.  I’m also excited that she is an archeologist, as anthropology is one of my special interests.

Tomb Raider 2

Lara comes with a stand for display, a pick axe, map, portfolio, and COA.

Tomb Raider 3

The doll is articulated and her outfit, proper adventuring gear, matches her clothing from the film.  I’m looking forward to seeing the movie!

Tomb Raider 4

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Tomb Raider 5

Camping Fun With Barbie and Ken


I love the camping theme that Barbie has introduced within the past few years!

Camping Barbie and Ken 1

Each of these dolls is dressed for outdoor adventure.  I love the plaid, flannel-looking shirts!   Ken’s bear shirt is great – I just wish it were an individual piece of clothing (it’s sewn to the plaid shirt).

Barbie’s hair was a bit static-y when I took her out of the box.  It’s calmed down since then, but I think I need to do some research on how to control the fly-away hairs.

My favorite dolls tend to be the ones that I find relate-able, either in personality or clothing choices.  I also prefer adventure and outdoor themed dolls to the more glamorous options.

Camping Fun Barbie and Ken 2

Included with Barbie is a camp stool, hot dogs on a roasting fork, and marshmallows on a stick.  The bonfire is great!  When you turn it on, it lights up and plays cosy fire sounds.

Ken came with binoculars.  I like to think he and Barbie are on a bird watching holiday.

Camping Fun Barbie and Ken 3

Sadly, I haven’t got any backgrounds that are a good height for Barbie and Ken, but I couldn’t resist attempting to set up a little woodland scene with them.   Hopefully I can find some good backdrop options in the near future, so I can set them up for more outdoor scenes.  When Spring comes, I’m looking forward to Sylvanian Families and Barbie photos in the garden.

Camping Fun Barbie and Ken 5

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Camping Fun Barbie and Ken 4


Pink Passport Ken and Hip Hoodie Ken


On our last visit to Toys R Us, I found Pink Passport Ken, and immediately put him in the cart, mainly because he comes with so many clothing options.

Pink Passport Ken 1

He’s got his passport, in keeping with the theme, and a wristwatch.   I really like the color variations that were added to his hair.

Pink Passport Ken 2

Ken graciously agreed to model all of the wardrobe options.

Pink Passport Ken 5

There are sunglasses, shorts, and a world map shirt, as well as a jacket, so Ken is set for all sorts of weather.

Pink Passport Ken 3

If he needs a more professional look, there is a dark pair of pants, change of shoes, and shirt with vest and tie.   This is a great set, especially if your Ken is lacking for clothing options.

Pink Passport Ken 4

Next is Hip Hoodie Ken, who is, of course, wearing a hoodie. My favorite thing about this particular Ken is his shirt, which shows the schematic for a rocket or space ship.  Besides that, he has a very pleasant face.  I imagine him having some sort of important technical position and generally impressing all the other Kens and Barbies with this scientific know-how.


He is a Fashionista Ken, and the packaging displays all the other dolls that were released with him.


The hoodie and shirt are not separate clothing items, which is too bad, as it would be nice to have the ability to remove the hoodie to better see the shirt design and to have more wardrobe options.  However, I love the hoodie too, so it’s not much of an issue for me.


The shirt/hoodie combo velcros in the back for easy clothing changes.   Also, look how nicely detailed his hair is.  This guy is one of my favorite Kens so far!


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