Stegosaurus (Terra by Battat)


Look at this super cool Stegosaurus!  I’ve never outgrown my love of dinosaurs and Stegosaurus has always been my most loved species.


There is a paragraph of Stegosaurus information on the back of the box.

stegasaurous 3

The dinosaurs in this collection are based on the work of paleo-reconstructionist Dan LoRusso and made by Battat (the creators of Lil Woodzeez).

stegasaurous 4

Stegosaurus is extremely detailed!  I look forward to seeing Barbie take him for walks.

stegasaurous 5

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Care Bears: Laugh-A-Lot Bear


Just when it looks as if there are no more bears at our soon-to-be-closed Toys-R-Us, another Care Bear appears on the shelves!

Laugh A Lot Bear

This is Laugh-a-Lot Bear.

Laugh A Lot Bear 3

Laugh-a-Lot is a newer Care Bear, who was introduced in 2004.

Laugh A Lot Bear 2

The cute giggling star on her belly badge reminds me of the Carl’s Jr logo!  I love her bright orange fur.

Laugh A Lot Bear 4

Her special trait is using humor to overcome difficult circumstances.  I’m very excited to add this cheery bear to my Care Bear collection!

Laugh A Lot Bear 5

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Hyped on Stripes Ken and Skipper Babysitters Inc.


I’ve been enjoying the Ken Fashionistas. They each have unique traits that make them fun to collect.

Hyped on Stripes Ken Hyped on Stripes Ken 3

Hyped on Stripes Ken is a slim body type and is more casual, youthful looking doll.

Hyped on Stripes Ken 4 Hyped on Stripes Ken 5

Here he is with a Pink Passport Ken, so you can see the difference in size.

Hyped on Stripes Ken 6

Hyped on Stripes looks like he could possibly be in Skipper’s age group, which makes him extra versatile.

Hyped on Stripes Ken 7

Next, is one of the girls from the Skipper Babysitters Inc group.

Babysitters Inc Skipper - Black Hair

I love being able to add more characters in a range of age groups.

Babysitters Inc Skipper - Black Hair

She has a great outfit – jeans and a tie dye shirt.   Happily, her hair was perfect!  There were no issues with glue and it was easy to brush.

Babysitters Inc Skipper - Black Hair

There are some extra babysitting themed accessories included.

Babysitters Inc Skipper - Black Hair

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Barbie and Skipper Sisters Set


This set, consisting of Barbie and Skipper, was something I picked up on sale, mostly because I really like Barbie’s plaid dress.  Skipper needed some wardrobe as well.

Barbie and Skipper Sisters

I don’t collect too many of the blonde Barbies, but I am so happy with this particular doll.  Her pink streaked hair makes her special.

Barbie and Skipper Sisters 3

Skipper has purple streaks in her hair.

Barbie and Skipper Sisters 4

A hair dryer and brush come with the dolls.

Barbie and Skipper Sisters 5

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Barbie Fashionistas Rainbow Bright (#90)


Rainbow Bright (#90) is one of the latest Barbie Fashionistas.  I think she is going to be very popular!

Barbie Fashionista 90 Rainbow Bright

On the back of her box, you can see some of the other new Barbies that we have to look forward to.

Barbie Fashionista 90 Rainbow Bright 2

Rainbow Bright herself is perfect!  Her hair is everything that you would hope – no glue, tangles or choppiness.  It’s very soft and brush-able.  You can only see a hint of her earrings in the photo, but they are a great detail in addition to her rainbow dress.

Barbie Fashionista 90 Rainbow Bright 3 Barbie Fashionista 90 Rainbow Bright 4

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Halloween Star Barbie


Halloween Star  Barbie came up unexpected as an Amazon suggestion.  It completely worked…I love her fun, witch-y outfit!

Halloween Star Barbie

Unfortunately, Amazon shipped her in a lightly padded envelope, rather then a proper box.  So, her box was crushed in some spots.  It’s a little disappointing, but in this case, not a big problem, as I had already been planning to de-box her.

Halloween Star Barbie 3

Barbie is wearing bell bottom jeans and a goth/boho style top.  I can see myself wearing this outfit.  I was also glad to see that she comes with a hair brush, something that I’ve noticed that current Barbies seem to be missing.

Halloween Star Barbie 5

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